Donna Judith Raes Exposed By Whoever…

The meth head killed her child. Child is better off this way instead of living with a meth hoe for a mom. Willing to bet she tried to snort the ashes.

Donna Raes, a passionate Scumronita who finds inspiration in capturing the fleeting beauty of life….Hahaha just kidding. She’s busy being a cunt to others on YouTube.

Donna’s DMs with CAP talking about suicide and trying to fuck him. Gross meth hoe.
Donna is LIVE now running her cum guzzling mouth….3/22/24…(yes, that’s a hot load in her mouth, allegedly) check it out here
What the fuck.
Brush your teeth 🪥
It’s gonna be a LONG year Donna since you clearly are missing the point here. Who the fuck do you cunts think you are? You own YouTube? You get to decide who is welcome there? Not so funny when someone gives you a taste of your own medicine. You were asked to stop but your brain is methed up so you cannot. I OWN your fucking Name.
Donna is becoming famous on YouTube!
and porn hub…ewww Shordee is deadass gross 🤢 Click image to view her site. It just has 4 nasty butt videos.
Model Hub… you can click the image to go to the site. For the short bus people checking out this site, you can find more about this on the page called Hoe Hoe Hoe…
Eli aka Efren Santos is Donna’s current boyfriend, according to FB.
This is her Ex, Anthony Fields.
Click to view Donna’s YouTube NTF aka OTF.
A steady clientele is sure to keep your asshole dust free, Donna.

Disclaimer: Donna Raes has decided to engage in online drama with people who want nothing to do with her. She continues to post about others and thinks she’s cute & funny. This page is paid for a full year. If she continues the fuckery the page will be paid for at least the next 10 years. It’s that simple. Fuck off whore!


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