About Donna

Donna is a new face in the youtube predator catcher community. I feel bad to even create this site about her to be honest because she is clearly drug induced retarded. She’s not even capable of learning the lessons being taught here. Is she a predator catcher or a decoy? Fuck no. Just a wannabe who was rejected by CPP. She has seemingly found her niche here with the outsider drama llamas who consistently perpetuate drama within this already toxic community.

This is for you Donna… You have teeth like Belcalis before she fixed them. You will never get 40k to fix that grill. If you got beef with me, we got beef foreva. 🖕😘💯😳💀🧐👀🖕
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.
Donna’s own words… “I like drugs”. Admitting she likes drugs but insists that drugs were not the cause of one of her twin boys being born with a heart defect which caused his untimely death at 5 months old. I encourage the viewers to do their own research and form their own opinions. Donna speculates about other peoples lives so it is fair to do it back.
Whatcha gonna do now?
At least she likes guys who wear their pants over their ass but these are some tight lady pants y’all, he can barely move. 😂