Making fun of others…

Donna was asked nicely to stop posting about these people who literally want nothing to do with her. She can’t stop won’t stop. This website is the result of that. She can have fun with her FREE speech, as will the admin if this website. The posts may be out of order FYI.

This is Donna’s YouTube where she makes fun of other people and perpetuates drama. Sorry to be redundant and post it again but I know at least half the people who will view this website are straight up fucking dumb.
Donna was not in a great mood the other night….oh well. Leave other people tf alone then u stupid Bitch!
Donna has free speech but the rest of us don’t? Interesting….. maybe mind your own fuckin business on your own platform?
Here’s Donna making fun of a Jewish man during Hanukka…. 👍
Donna tried to infiltrate the satirical”Counsel” on YouTube. The counsel member known as the Goodguy tried being nice to her stupid ass but quickly learned she wants all the smoke.